Best 5 web hosting companies in South Africa 2021

Been wondering which company you going to use to take your business online? In this article, we gonna break it out for you and show you all the features, price comparison, and reliableness. Read more below.

Best 5 web hosting companies in South Africa 2021

Best 5 web hosting companies in SA

  • Xneelo 
  • 1-Grid
  • AfriHost
  • Axxess
  • EliteHost

Xneelo - Trusted in hosting

At xneelo they are very passionate about web hosting – it’s their core business and it’s what they do best. they spend each day working hard to retain the trust of their customers. Inspired by their brand promise ‘Trusted in Hosting’, they  deliver a web hosting service that is reliable and consistent, focusing on infrastructure stability, good value, and consistent service delivery

Xneelo  Hosting Packages includes:
Shared hosting.
Self-managed servers.
 Managed servers.
Custom hosting solutions.

1-Grid - Build your own site

They took their first customers' business online. Yes, that makes them older than YouTube, Facebook, and the iPhone, but they don’t think about ourselves as old, we're just experienced. They move with the times and 20 years have given them the knowledge to understand exactly what their clients need today.

their most recent innovation is our move from Webafrica to This gave them the space to grow locally and globally, to expand their offering, and to bring all of their customers' online business needs onto one grid

1-Grid Hosting Packages includes:
Shared hosting.
.Net Hosting
 Reseller Linux Hosting
 Reseller Windows Hosting
VPS Hosting
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AfriHost - LTE, ADSL, Fibre, and  Website Hosting
Afrihost is one of the hosting companies in South Africa that is very passionate about their services they are giving to their clients to run businesses online. They sincerely believe they are your best choice.  What makes them stand that is that if at any time in the first 60 days your product does not live up to the promises you can get double your money back! Yes, they refund you double the amount you used to set up hosting with them.
They offer a variety of services including LTE, ADSL, Fibre, and  Website Hosting
AfriHost Hosting Packages includes:
Shared hosting (Linux hosting and Windows hosting)
Cloud Hosting ( Servers hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting)
 Specialized Hosting (Reseller servers, dedicated servers & Rack hosting
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Axxess - an array of web hosting options 
Axxess was established in 1997  by Franco Barbalich, with the aim of providing South Africans with great Internet access. At the time it was called Axxess Africa and offered Internet access through its four Internet cafés in Port Elizabeth. Between 2000 and 2006, the company grew its product range to include hardware sales, personal & business connectivity, and website hosting.
They are now offering an array of web hosting to house any online businesses in South Africa, their servers are very fast and reliable to choose from. 
Axxess Hosting Packages includes:
Shared Linux Hosting
Shared Windows Hosting
Linux Cloud Server Hosting
 WordPress Hosting
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EliteHost - Affordable hosting options
Elitehost (a division of Optify Systems (Pty) Ltd) founded in July 2005, is a small privately-owned company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We started as a small business with stable and affordable hosting options available. Over time, they have established themselves in the South African hosting market and they are focused on becoming one of South Africa's premier web-hosting providers, offering complete solutions from shared web hosting to virtual servers. Please take a look around their site and contact them if you have questions, comments, suggestions - or even complaints.
All their virtual private servers are available in Los Angeles (USA) or Johannesburg (ZA). the company uses OpenVZ virtualization software with SolusVM for easy end-user management
ElitHost Hosting Packages includes:
Shared Linux Hosting
Reseller Hosting
VPS Hosting
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